Staged by Susan

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Home staging real estate, whether it’s new or previously owned, moves potential buyers to see the possibilities that a place may hold. A professional looking office is the culmination of considered attention to detail. Both rely on the promise of comfort, refinement, and a sense of achievement.

Decorate to sell. Stage to impress. De-clutter to simplify!

Should you stage your house BEFORE you put it on the market?

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If you want to sell your home quickly, for top dollar, with minimal stress, then the answer is YES!

See what clients who did NOT stage prior to listing had to say after months on the market without a contract.

"In hind-sight, I believe if Susan had staged my home in the beginning, it would have already been sold."

If I had known all of the staging tips before listing my house it would be sold by now."

First impressions DO matter. Stage BEFORE you list.

Staged By Susan – 4109 Bentbrook, Norman, OK

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4109 Bentbrook, Norman, OK

View one of the beautiful homes Staged by Susan decorated in this video tour. Staging Sells!!!!

There is no reason to break the bank when listing your house for sale. Here are four tips to follow

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Clean: Hire professionals to do a one time deep cleaning.

De-clutter: If buyers see "too much stuff" rather than the actual "home" it will be difficult for them to visualize living there.

Stage to sell: Decorating is about you—–staging is about potential buyers. Stage, so the first person that sees your home will buy it, rather them the 20th person.

Curb appeal: Sit in your car at the curb. What do you see? A beautifully maintained home or kids toys, trim that needs painting and bushes that need trimming. If the exterior isn’t maintained buyers assume the interior has also been neglected.

To out shine the competition consider hiring a professional stager. Staging can make the difference between selling quickly or having your home sit on the market for days or even months, causing buyers to ask "Why won't that house sell? What is wrong with it?"

Decorate To Live, Stage To Sell

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Decorate with the colors you love, the “collectables” you treasure and all the family photos you enjoy. Take the opposite approach when selling your home. Paint should not be too taste specific.

De-clutter, remove and pack all of the collections you have and all of your family photos. You will be packing to move anyway and this will keep you from being overwhelmed when your house does sell. You want to set the stage for buyers to see themselves living in the house.

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